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On the day of the 1999 solar eclipse,(11th August), Paul and I boarded the Brittany Ferries luxury cruise ship 'Val de Loire' in Plymouth, bound for Santander in northern Spain. We were both equipped with a motorcycle, far too much luggage and not nearly enough money! 

The eclipse was a total anti-climax, the sky over Plymouth was typically British and completely overcast; And apart from the fact that it got dark for a couple of minutes, and every idiot for miles around had their camera out, the only thing notable was the amount of camera flashes as all the idiots took photographs of the darkness in unison.

Santander from the Ferry

The pictures to the right are the approach to Santander from the sea. 


It was an uneventful crossing, and we arrived in Santander at 12:00 on 12th August 1999. After disembarking from the ferry we stopped in Santander for a photo session.

Santander from the Ferry
Mad Mick and Bike
Paul and Bike
 Part Two 

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